The Sealion

Queen's Wharf, Wellington / Kumutoto, Te-Whanganui-A-Tara

Removal of The Sealion

The sealion is about to leave it’s home at the end of Queen’s wharf, being shifted to Glasgow wharf, within the CentrePort industrial area. As a result of this the sealion will cease operating as a community space from Monday 26th April 2021.

A massive thank you to everyone who has hosted, participated, visited, and conversed with the community project thus far. There is a possibility of the vessel returning to Queen’s Wharf, and the community space being reinstated, but this is pending a decision from the WCC. We hope for a tolerant, respectful, and vibrant future, if not for the space then for you all.

Arohanui xo

- Sealion Community Coordinators.


The Sealion is both a vessel and community space. Moored to the North End of Queen’s Wharf’s Outer T, its historic design, and recognizable Antarctic themed paint-job, makes it an iconic feature of Wellington’s waterfront.

The Sealion has been operating as a community space since August 2020, hosting performances, film screenings, workshops, and meetings, giving Wellingtonians a unique space to gather, connect, and practice art. Since the establishment of the space over 50 artists have performed aboard, engaging with thousands of participants and members of the public.

The Sealion community operates from a position of non-commercial mutual aid. We operate the space out of love, and do not charge fees for use or participation. Additionally, in order to support the wellbeing of the community, The Sealion is also run as a sober space.
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Sealion Live Compliation Album Vol. 1
Recorded at gigs aboard the vessel Aug-Dec 2020

Revulva - Boing Flip (Live Video)
Recorded October 2020


Flotsam is a sporadic magazine, run for and by The Sealion community

IUSSUE #001 ~ November PDF Download - Click Here

ISSUE #002 ~ April/May ~ coming soon!


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